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rsgoldb2c is the industry leader when it comes to Runescape gold. We offer you the best prices on OSRS gold, 30 minute delivery (during hours of operation), and the safest delivery techniques. Keeping your Runescape account safe is our #1 priority. We will never sell gold that was hacked, scammed, stolen, or otherwise deemed unsafe. All of our gold deliveries are delivered discreetly via a face to face trade at the world of your choice at Varrock East (Small) Bank up the stairs. Any questions? Are you wondering if we are in sto... more
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We sell “food” for RS gamers, we offer the best prices unlike any other online gold shops or private trader. Our solution and the main goal is to provide the most convenient and efficient services while offering the best prices in the market. The RS gold trading process is simple and safe. Our gold stock is always full and our suppliers are RS players, just like YOU. So we believe in “supply and demand” philosophy, but only the official, safe and golden one. For more than 3 years we’ve been growing in the number of staff. Within 3 ... more
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If you wish to sell us your OSRS gold all you need to do is contact live chat and let them know the amount of RS07 gold you want to sell. They will then tell you our current buying rates and how you can transfer your gold to us safely. We have been OSRS GP for as long as we remember and have gotten pretty good at it. Our advanced procedures ensure that you safely get your gold in the shortest time possible. We also ensure that all our gold is hand farmed and safe to buy. Our RS3 stock is always topped up and available for you to ... more
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They will then tell you our current buying rates and how you can transfer your gold to us safely. Our expert team of Fire cape providers have been killing Jad for over 10 years and have become pros at completing the fire cave. For this service, all you need to do is give us your account details with all the gear you want used to kill the caves equipped and our team will take on the challenge for you.OSRS Accounts are one of our hottest items. We pretty much grind out all the boring parts of the game giving you an account ready to c... more
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We allow for a variety of convenient payment options. As a form of support for our users, we provide a live chat to allow for 24/7 customer support. rsgoldb2c strives to complete the user’s orders promptly while maintaining a professional and convenient experience. Forget the time and effort of earning gold and gain greater advantages by purchasing with rsgoldb2c! rsgoldb2c is the trusted gold provider that will satisfy your needs as a WoW/Runescape player. We will always make sure to provide our customers with the lowest rates on ... more
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Our team checks the prices of RS3 gold on the other websites every day. So, we are doing all your needed search process for you. You can be sure, that our price will be the best on the internet.You are not certain, because our website is so fresh and we can be dishonest? Do not be afraid! Think about it from the other side.We want to be the best website in selling RS gold on the internet. We are new, but we are honest and we love RS3 Gold as much as you do. Cheating on you wouldn’t let us to achieve our goals.The only thing that ... more
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while others are safe like Woodcutting or Fishing until certain levels and areas in which they pose challenges of their own. Why you should choose rsgoldb2c over other seller options, and why it is the best site. The biggest advantage of our marketplace over other sites is the competition between sellers, which leads to lower prices, and the cheapest Runescape Gold offers in the market. Gold Sellers compete for ranking in the best offer place, by setting and delivering their offers faster, re... more
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Enough of reading! Register on our website and do what you need to do with your precious Good luck! the RS Gold being sold is always obtained through legal methods, which means that you are provided with as much safety as possible and most likely will never be banned. In addition to this, we always use only high-level accounts to trade customers which provides an additional layer of safety for your account. In 7 years of business, we have never had a single customer complain about getting bann... more
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They like the old game and they don’t want to stop playing it. We are talking about the Old School RuneScape.Although the new version of RuneScape was released in 2013, many players didn’t want to start over and play RS3. Earlier RuneScape is now called Old School RuneScape and many people still enjoy this game. That’s the reason why servers of the Old School RuneScape are still working. However, many sellers of RS gold are oriented only in RS3 players – they don’t sell OSRS gold. We are not like them. Our team supports your deci... more
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